Customer Experience OriginatorDoes your organization deliver good customer service?

Most organizations believe they do but in reality their customer service is transactional at best. The desire for your organization to be recognized as a market leader, stand out from the crowd and beat the competition can be achieved by implementing the CEO Process. Kevin combines the concepts of organizational leadership and service culture change in a framework where everyone develops unforgettable experiences for your customers. The combination of these concepts is revealed in his book’s title, “Everyone Is A CEO”, where CEO stands for Customer Experience Originator.
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Are you interested in creating unforgettable experiences?

Kevin is an engaging professional speaker that will dazzle and delight your audience. He plants seeds of knowledge sprinkled with wit that make his CEO Process impactful, memorable and enjoyable. The CEO Process will help you leverage the uniqueness of your organization adopting strategies to create exceptional customer experiences.

Kevin Thompson has more than 25 years experience in leadership and helping organizations transform their service cultures into unforgettable experiences for their customers. With a background in healthcare management and financial services, Kevin is uniquely positioned as a thought leader. He is inspiring and challenges organizational leadership and staff to alter their mindset and embrace a new paradigm. Kevin holds a Six Sigma Black Belt in Process Improvement, a Masters in Public Administration, and is a Distinguished Toastmaster, as well as Past Chapter President and member of the National Speakers Association Chapter Leadership Committee.

Purchase this book and let Kevin take you through the steps of creating exceptional customer experiences.